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Meanwhile, here are some questions that could be discussed about An Unorthodox Romance.

Over the last couple of years I have joined and left a couple of new books clubs. Once again I find the get-a-list-of-questions-and-ask-them-one-after-another method less useful then a more freewheeling discussion. But, I love book clubs and I know having some idea of what the author had in mind is useful and provides jumping off points. Here are few to start with:
Did the title of this book, An Unorthodox Romance, and the cover art draw your interest? Or is the idea of a relatively young woman having a chance to restart her life and correct a past mistake more intriguing?
Judaism and its many divisions is a major topic in An Unorthodox Romance. Do you think the divisions - Reform, Conservative, Orthodox - are similar to division in other religions. For example in Christianity - Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, or Unitarian - or are the distinctions between Catholic and Protestant more similar. Also in Islam, the various main groups: Sunni and Shia?
This is the third of a trilogy of interlocking books. Do you enjoy books where characters come and go, sometimes featured and sometimes in the background? I asked the same question in my other two novels: The Binding and The Rabbi's Husband.
Before you read this book did you have a fairly good knowledge of Judaism, Torah and Talmud, or were these new to you? Do you think all people of faith would enjoy reading An Unorthodox Romance? Did you have trouble understanding the Hebrew terms, even though I tried to define them whenever they are used the first time - and often after that as well?

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