Newest novel "An Unorthodox Romance" launched in my "3 hometowns"
When I thought about how to introduce my latest novel, An Unorthodox Romance, I realized I'd written a trilogy of novels, linked by the appearance of Rabbi Tovah Feldner in each novel.  She is a teacher in The Binding, the protagonist in The Rabbi's Husband and the best friend/sidekick to the main character, Rabbi Marnie Holland in this third novel.

I knew that An Unorthodox Romance needed a happy ending.  I knew that from the minute I began it.  

I was fortunate enough to begin my launch of "Romance" with wonderful comments, 'blurbs' or cover copy.  One author referred to me as "the Amy Tan of the Jewish Community," which I take to mean that while people read the stories I write, they also come to understand a culture that may be only partly known to them.  

If it is their own culture, their understanding deepens.   And, if they come from another faith, they find the links between Judaism and their own beliefs.

If any of that has happened, I'm a very happy writer.

My first launch for An Unorthodox Romance was in Winnipeg, Canada, where I was born and grew up. See Winniipeg Launch on next page.

A week later, I launched it at a private book party in Minneapolis, where I spent a couple of years as Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council/Anti-Defamation Leage for Minnesota and the Dakotas.  

What I found there, in a group of people who had not read my earlier novels (hard to believe, but there are some), is that they were interested in the whole trilogy and bought all three novels, discounted to $36 for the set, a price I'm offering all my would-be readers who order directly.  (There is a $4 mailing fee anywhere in the U.S.)  Just email me your order and the books will be on the way to you.

It is with a great sense of excitement that I put these first three novels out into the world and set off in a new direction.  Watch this website for news, and tune into my blog too at

The third of my "hometown launches" will be Orange County, California, on May 18, a joint effort with novelist and friend Thea Iberall.  We hope you will all be there.  Call either phone listed in the poster at right for details, to RSVP or to arrange gate clearance into the gated Laguna Woods Village.
All Brenda Barrie novels are published by Gray Matter Imprints of Irvine, CA  

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Continue with Winnipeg Launch