The Full Trilogy
Though each of Brenda Barrie's trilogy may be purchased independently from her through this website or through major bookstores and online merchants, The special full-trilogy package is discounted to only $36 only on this website.
Published 2005                                                                                                        Published 2012                                                                                                              Published 2014                            .

All three share the same size and format, and all covers were designed by the same designer, Rena Konheim.

Interior Designer Becomes Designer of Exteriors As Well

Rena Konheim, owner of R.B.Saffren Design in Laguna Woods, California, has a surprising sideline: designing book covers.

Not only has she designed the covers for all of Brenda Barrie's novels to date, but she's also take on other projects as well, including the coves for other books of poetry and fiction.

R.B.Saffren Design has been in operation for decades in Ohio, Minnesota, Canada, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and California as Rena and her husband moved around as he served as rabbi in these areas, and she continues serving new and old customers across the country.

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